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Fall season in Atmore brings warmth, calm

Over the weekend, something to stood out. As I made my usual – as of late – walk downtown, I spotted something I have missed ... Read more

1 day ago by Andrew Garner.

The war on American workers

By Rep. Jerry Carl Earlier this year, I made the decision to get my COVID vaccine after speaking with my doctor. The rest of my ... Read more

1 day ago by Staff Reports.

Reading, walking bringing much joy to me

Over the past couple of months, I’ve discovered the joy of two things – reading and walking. Now, before I go any further, the joy ... Read more

1 week ago by Andrew Garner.

Washington dysfunction on full display

By Rep. Jerry Carl The federal government is not known for being particularly productive or efficient at solving problems. The truth is, Washington often creates ... Read more

1 week ago by Staff Reports.

AYFL game put a lot of smiles on faces

On a gloomy and rainy Saturday, many youngsters were smiling during the Atmore Youth Football League’s (AYFL) games at Escambia County High School. The local ... Read more

3 weeks ago by Andrew Garner.

Biden’s energy policies are a tax on the working class

By Rep. Jerry Carl Since the earliest days of his campaign for the presidency, President Biden claimed he would raise taxes only on wealthy people, ... Read more

3 weeks ago by Staff Reports.

Fighting to secure a strong national defense budget

By Rep. Jerry Carl Every year, Congress passes the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which sets the budget for the Department of Defense (DOD), nuclear ... Read more

1 month ago by Staff Reports.

Afghanistan veterans fulfilled mission

By Rep. Jerry Carl Since the United States entered Afghanistan in 2001, there have been more than 2,300 U.S. military deaths, as well as civilian ... Read more

1 month ago by Staff Reports.

Vaccination is important then, now

My best friend Kendra Majors, sent me a reminder of a quote I said some nine years ago. The reminder said the following: Favorite quote ... Read more

3 months ago by Andrew Garner.

Standing with Cuban people in fight for freedom

By Rep. Jerry Carl For the past few weeks, the world has watched as thousands of Cuban citizens have taken to the streets to protest ... Read more

3 months ago by Staff Reports.

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